We are the Resistance

Like many that come to this website, I had voted for Donald Trump in 2016. My jaw dropped in amazement often in his first six months' in office, as he did one 'unconventional' action after another. "Oh, " I thought, "well, he's expected to do things differently." So, like many, I thought to just let him have some time to settle into the job; he'll do fine. WRONG. What emerged over the remainder of his first year as our President was a petty, vengeful man whose first requirement of others was that they swear they loyalty, their allegiance to him. Not our flag, not our Constitution, but his person. I had studied enough of how the National Socialist movement took over Germany in the 1930's to ring all of my alarm bells; and the combined sound was DEAFENING. We saw so many incompetent people gravitate towards him, incompetent except for that one element of loyalty to our President. In my home state of Arizona, the State's own legislature served as a testing ground for who would do what, if only because of 'party loyalty'. Andy Biggs and Debbie Lesko, both who had been in State Politics for years, were eager to be chosen to run for Congress. As the Party in power, ;they bottled up central Arizona pretty well. But, to nobody's great surprise, former dentist turned congressman Paul Gosar, elected in 2010, continued in office. Why not? He was beneath everyone's radar, and the most he did was get a few post office buildings renamed and do photo ops with tired Vets and others. So what if his father had been a Nazi sympathizer and into the whole "white race superiority" thinking. But, over the years in Congress, if you look how Paul Gosar has and hasn't voted, and look for it, you'll see that Dr. Gosar presents with some "string up the black people" leanings. But seeing this photo, taken last July 4th with some white militia members, that was not at all subtle. Then his siblings outed him, twice. I believe them whn they say "Paul Gosar doesn't care about you." If he had his nose any further up the President's ass, he'd be a polyp.

Then, Delina DiSanto appeared; although she has been in politics awhile, she has the right stuff at just the right time. You don't have to take my word for it; read (yes, read) through her website at and see for yourself.

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