Time to think Alternatives

I have been a card-carrying member for much of my adult life. I attended meetings and rallies, evening dutifully showed up when asked for support when a Republican leader showed up at Sky Harbor Airport. But, within the last year, a ‘Jiminy Cricket’ voice starting asking big questions, starting with asking if Life had become better under our President, or was it really all about the stock market. ”Regular folks“ make up the majority and few of them are ‘in the market.’ How has life gotten better for them With jobs and especially healthcare.The wealthy have gotten wealthier and the “regular folks” have gotten pumped up at rallies——but left with empty pockets. You have to ask yourself “is this who I am?”

Then, if you’re like me, it’s time to look at the alternative. We are all Americans, we are all Arizonans. Let’s vote the ranting, righteous, right OUT, and elect sanity to represent us.

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