Paul Gosar's SIX Siblings explain why he's unfit for Congressman and Why They Support his Opponent


Siblings issue a call for decency, equity, and recovery in stunning rebuke

CAVE CREEK - In a stunning announcement, six of AZ-04 Rep. Paul Gosar’s siblings, Grace, Jennifer, Joan, Gaston, David, and Tim Gosar have released a joint statement condemning their brother and his plutocratic record of tax cuts for the very wealthy, endorsing his challenger, Delina DiSanto of Cave Creek, a registered nurse and businesswoman.

“It’s time to elect someone who will serve you in a calm, mature, and respectful manner,” the statement reads. “A person who actually lives in the district and who cares about your healthcare and financial concerns in these very difficult times.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement and support from Representative Paul Gosar's family,” said Mrs. DiSanto. “We have had enough of leaders who put special interests above people. It is time for fresh leadership that is powered by empathy, dignity and strength.”

The six siblings, who span a number of accomplished careers in medicine, law, and business, admonished their brother’s flagrant hypocrisy while in office, noting in particular his support for a Trump administration lawsuit that would overturn the Affordable Care Act and leave hundreds of thousands of Arizonans without healthcare.

“While the special interests he serves will rake in huge profits if that happens, you’ll be left holding the bag,” they said. Indeed, a federal ban on denying coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions would disappear with the Affordable Care Act, should it be overturned. Rep. Gosar, Senator Martha McSally, and President Trump have said repeatedly they’d like to see the ACA overturned.

The siblings’ full statement is available here

“I understand that Arizona families are facing real challenges when it comes to issues like healthcare and jobs,” said Mrs. DiSanto. “I will fight for your family, your health, and your jobs. Gosar fights for greed, power, and control, and we have had enough of that in Congressional District 4.”

Delina DiSanto is a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s fourth congressional district. Her campaign manager, Dakota Hilton, can be reached at

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Arizona Republican Party’s Congressmen think their antics are why they were re-elected. They don’t get that it’s only for the entertainment value; like a stand-up comedy act.

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