News from the Republican Party, News from the WH, yet nothing but silence from the Three Stooges.

(Left; Arizona Republican Congressman (and former attorney) Andy Biggs, He's Big against masks and Big that Covid is "Fake." What a Bonehead.)

What a waste of taxpayer money!

Throughout the past weekend, news of Republican Legislators speaking out about President Trump & Co.'s absence of concession was met by news of Judges tossing out the President's court-filed petitions regarding widespread voter fraud. But, in these two instances, Republican Legislators had plenty to talk about while the President's Legal Team had....nothing. Which bring to mind Congressmen Gosar and Biggs; they railed against 'the media' and 'the democrats' for a 'rigged voter fraud scheme' that 'stole' the election from the President. They riled up the Trumpers and Trump faithful with shouts of fraud. The big difference here, as former attorney Andy Biggs knows, is that you can lie to the public, but judges don't take kindly to lies given under oath as sworn testimony. So, what about the evidence, the legal proof that Briggs and Gosar said would come out in court? Turns out there wasn't any; but they knew that, all along. SO, tonight, we heard a first and quiet mention of the President's direction to his staff of working with the Biden transition team "in some capacity." Time to start packing, President Trump. Just wish we could say the same to those two "stooges" of yours, Congr. Briggs and Gosar. Congr. Debbie Lesko? She's at home with Covid, sitting this skirmish out.

(Above; Arizona Republican Congressman (and former dentist) Paul Gosar.)

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Arizona Republican Party’s Congressmen think their antics are why they were re-elected. They don’t get that it’s only for the entertainment value; like a stand-up comedy act.

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