He is not serving Arizonans' Best Interests

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

When he shows up for a vote, which he does not do consistently; he does not speak with your voice. He’s been a Congressman for 10 years; he should be really good at the job, which includes representing Arizona's best interests,

he should be doing work to help Arizonans, right? WRONG. Here is a record of very important, KEY Votes on Congressional Bills in recent months. See for yourself, how many times he didn’t even bother to vote. Plus, what he voted against, some a person would have supported, if he really wanted to serve his voters in Arizona. Oh, and the second “did not vote” Congressional Bill below? That was about learning more about how African-American boys wind up in the criminal justice system, in an effort to lower the criminal conversions among young those boys. In the first Presidential Debate, you heard about the Bill that would help educate law enforcement with understanding and eliminating racism; which President Trump was against. Congressman Gosar voted against that and so did Congresswoman Lesko. That’s pretty important, as National events since last May, including at Courthouse Square in Prescott; on which he was silent. Below is Congressman Gosar’s voting record:

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