Gosar supports ‘White Supremacy’

Rep. Paul Gosar was caught in Prescott cozying up to a hate group member as the “Black Lives Matter” protesters peacefully walked around the courthouse in Prescott, Arizona. Looking and sound like the civil rights protests in the mid-1960’s, it was an ugly scene.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar with White Supremacist members.

Bringing back memories like Bull Connor and his deputies harassing peaceful demonstrators; the Proud Boy white supremacy group and hecklers called the protesters "losers" and implored them to just "go away for good." Some hecklers called the protesters "trash" ... as others had guns strapped around their chest. Oddly enough, many of those yelling hateful saying were old enough to have watched the civil rights marches nearly 60 years ago; a pity they didn’t learn enough from that or in the many years since.

Vehicles passed by with occupants furiously waving the American flag as there were competing chants -- "No Justice, No Peace," vs. "All Lives Matter." It doesn't appear things turned violent, but it was plenty bad nonetheless.

The video is a good example of the intolerance of opposing views ... and that could end up being the biggest threat to democracy that we face as a nation.

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