Congressman Andy Biggs--How can he say THAT??

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Andy Biggs has been in Arizona politics for about 20 years. He is a well-educated individual, a retired attorney in Arizona, Washington, and New Mexico. Plus, he WON THE LOTTERY! Not the $2 win, but the millions of dollars lottery; the kind that supports quitting a 'day job' and doing something you have a greater passion about, because one no longer has to work for a living, to support themselves and family. But, if you look at the public profiles of most lottery winners, he's the only one that went into politics in such a big way. Most other winners went crazy stupid with the money, some even going broke in a big way.

That's why its surprising that Congressman Biggs says and tweets what he does. For example:

Here's the news copy that ran with the above photo of "Doctor" Andy Biggs:

Okay, I get the 'free speech' angle to that, and that Congressman Andy wrote that in a tweet still has the 500 pound question in the room, which is "Congressman Andy, how the F**k are you qualified to make ANY medical recommendation; you went to law school, not medical school!" It turns out that I'm not the first to ask that question.

In fact, Congressman Andy (himself) included that question when he included a more politically correct version of that question in his 08/18/2020 Op-Ed article entitled "OP-ED: Patients deserve a 'right to try' drugs that are safe and might help with COVID-19."

His own answer and conclusion was:

"At the same time, public health officials are fighting against a patient’s right to try hydroxychloroquine. In some states, such as Arizona, edicts by public officials have effectively criminalized the opportunity for a doctor to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for anything other than rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or malaria prevention. In other states, doctors who have defied these officials and written prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine in cases of COVID-19 have been turned in by pharmacists and threatened with losing their licenses to practice medicine.

One must ask why we have to fight for the right to try yet again? With drugs that are safe and approved, doctors and patients must be allowed to make the decision about what is best. The choice should not be made by healthcare bureaucrats."

Well, Congressman Andy, you must have been playing hooky in law school on the day they taught that the purpose of licensing the medical profession includes protecting the public from unqualified, unprofessional, and (medical-related) uneducated people like yourself. That's something that YOU might say in response to a person who WAS a medical doctor giving an opinion on a matter of legal advice.

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