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The Good, the Bad, , and the "He/She did what???"

Elections used to be a lot more simple.  In the U.S. Congress (House of Representative and the Senate); it was about getting a water project passed, taxes lowered, or taxes raised.  Then President Trump and Covid-19 happened.

Now, its about Healthcare; sticking with some form of the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a/ Obamacare) or "Repeal and Replace"---except a replacement has been promised for 4 years and nothing better has been presented.

Covid-19 shut countries down; those countries that could (like our) kept some businesses and people afloat---but millions lost jobs.  

Difficult and challenging time test a person's ability to to their job.  Lots, haven't, lots more haven't done their job well, and some are taking care of their constituents and Arizons in general.

Here is where we will share with you who has been doing what in the Congress; from Self-Serving-taking-care of myself to those who tirelessly work hard to get us through these tough times.  Also, who we, in our humble opinion, think need to end their "work" and be sent home, with the info you need to pick good replacements.


Arizona Republican Party’s Congressmen think their antics are why they were re-elected. They don’t get that it’s only for the entertainment value; like a stand-up comedy act.

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